Enterprise Profile

Asia-Potash International Investment (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. is an A-share listed company on the main board of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock abbreviation: Asia-Potash International, stock code: 000893.SZ), which is focusing on the integration of potassium ore mining, potash fertilizer production and sales. The Company currently owns the potassium ore mining rights of 214.8 square kilometers in Laos, equivalent to 829 million tons of pure potassium chloride resources. It has become the largest single potash fertilizer resource enterprise in Asia and has adopted the industry-leading potash mining & refining technology to realize the development of a million-ton scale potash project.

SINO-AGRI POTASH CO., LTD is an international enterprise specializing in the development of overseas potash under the administration & management of Asia-Potash International. After more than ten years of deep development, it has made a major breakthrough in the potash field in Laos. Not only has it successfully established the first overseas potash project for industrial production, but also took the lead in realizing the completion and operation of a 1 mt/a potash fertilizer project in Laos in 2021, becoming the largest potash fertilizer enterprise in Southeast Asia at present. In the future, the Company will build potash fertilizer projects at the levels of 2 mt/a, 3 mt/a, 5 mt/a, and even 10 mt/a at a higher "Asia-Potash Speed" under the strategic guidance of Asia-Potash International, so as to develop into a world-class potash fertilizer supplier.